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frequently asked questions


If one of these questions doesn’t help please reach out here. 

Easy! Come in to RPG and sign up (or do it here online). Find the two games you want on the shelf. Let our staff know so we can add it to your account. It’s that easy!

Come back in tomorrow or in a few months to swap them out, as often as you like.

Once subscribed you can take home up to two games at a time. Previous games must be returned before new games are checked out.

We get it, losses happen! Most games have pieces that are interchangeable. (You don’t need the exact 6-sided die that came with the box.) If you lose a piece of the game that makes the game no longer playable or the game is damaged beyond repair then we will charge your card for either a replacement piece or, if unavailable, charge you for the full MSRP value of the game at that time. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please take care of the games so that others may enjoy them!

Absolutely. When you come in to RPG we recommend ordering some take-out while you browse, but you are absolutely free to come in, swap out a game, and head back home.

Too easy. Bring in your game and drop it off with our staff. 

If your subscription has lapsed and a game is not returned after 30 days we will charge your card for the full MSRP of the game so that we can replace it and at that time the game is yours to keep. No additional costs to you will be incurred.

If the game is returned within 60 days of the initial rental we will address this on a case by case basis but are open to offering a refund on the cost of the game if your card has already been charged. After 60 days from the initial rental date we are unable to offer any refunds as we have already replaced the game in our library. Please contact us at customerservice@bringrpghome.com if you would like to discuss a refund and it is within the 60-day period.

Absolutely. We have a great relationship with Game Nut in Lawrence and are working with them for discounts should you want to purchase a copy of the game you have from Game Nut.

You can give us a call ahead of time to make sure the games are available or check our website (if you can’t find them they are probably checked out.) Otherwise, come in, grab your games, inform our staff, and you are on your way.


If one of these questions doesn’t help please reach out here. 

Not a problem! With a subscription you can have two games at a time, and exchange those games as often as you like!

Once you have cancelled your subscription you have 30 days to return any games you may still have. After 30 days we will charge your card the retail cost of the game (so that we can replace it) and the game is yours to keep.