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Era of Kingdoms

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Description from the designer on BoardGameGeek.com:

A kingdom building card game where 1-4 players compete to take their kingdom from the dark ages to the enlightenment. Outwit and out-plan up to 3 other players as you race to lead your people to prosperity, and make a few enemies along the way.

Era of Kingdoms is a kingdom-building game full of strategy and player interaction. Each turn provides players a wide array of options and tools to improve your Kingdom. You can focus on improving the lands, upgrading from simple meadows to a thriving economic engine. Or perhaps you’d rather use your strength to achieve victory, taking the other kingdoms’ riches. With limited space to build and only three positions for key advisers, strategic decisions must be made to guarantee victory. Includes: Era of Kingdoms Base Game | Trade Route Mini-Expansion | Commerce Mini-Expansion | Ruler Traits Mini-Expansion | All Kickstarter Stretch Goals.

  • Players : 1-4
  • Length : 30-45min
  • Age : 8+
  • Civilization :
  • Difficulty : Medium
  • Hand Management :
  • Light Strategy :
  • Medieval :
  • Shelf: Light Strategy :


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