Haiku Warrior

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From BoardGameGeek.com:

A Tabletop RPG Adventure told entirely through haiku!

From the creator of “Drinking Quest” comes an easy-to-learn Tabletop RPG for 1-4 players. Fight monsters, find hats, forage for food all while taking in the nuance and cunning of haiku!

This game pits players against a series of Quests to stop the “Order of the One Extra Syllable”, who are creating discord in the world. Each player selects one of the four heroes, who proceeds to The Shop to spend any coins he or she may have on new gear (better weapons, healing fruit, bicep oil, or lucky cream), and then ventures forth into the first Quest.

The series of Quests are six separate decks of Quest cards, which include monster cards and saving throw cards. If you draw a monster card, you roll appropriate dice for your attack, add any modifiers your character has, then subtract that number from the monster’s hit points. If the monster is still alive, you roll to see what attack it makes on your character. Your character and monster fight until one of you dies. If your character survives the fight, he or she gains one or more souls (VPs) and a number of coins (for spending at The Shop). If your character does not survive, well … we hope you have collected some souls so you can return to the game! As a survivor of one or more monsters, you might draw a saving throw card from the Quest deck — your character could gain treasure, hat racks, fruit, or a disaster! Roll well when disaster hits!

As your character proceeds through the six Quest decks, the other players’ characters are proceeding through the same Quests, and collecting souls. The hero with the most souls at the end of the game wins!

The game also includes the “Tower of Many Muses” expansion, with guest haiku written by Ryan North, Robin Laws, MC LARS, Ali Spagnola, Parry Gripp, Jim Zub, Becky Cloonan, Masked Intruder, Lunar Baboon, & more! You play this expansion cooperatively as you fight monster after monster, trying to survive to the end of the deck! Those who survive should write a haiku about their adventure …

  • Players : 1-4
  • Age : 13+
  • Length : 45-60 Min
  • Card / Small box :
  • Cooperative :
  • Difficulty : Light
  • Fantasy :
  • Role Playing :
  • Shelf: Card :


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