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Perfect Sense

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From BoardGameGeek.com:

The five riddles on each card describe the same object, and each riddle relates to one of your five senses. How quickly can you solve these Riddles That Make Sense™?

I come in all colors and sit in a dish.
I’m never dirty. Guess if you wish.

Slip and slide, I glide on your skin.
I make you feel clean, leave you with a grin.

Wish to smell clean? You’ll want me near.
I’ll give you a pleasant scent, my dear.

Hear the rubber ducky song.
I’ll make you clean before too long.

If you’ve been nasty and used words in bad taste,
they’ll wash out your mouth with me in haste.

If you guessed “Soap,” you’re right. Players travel around a game board, moving ahead based on the number of riddles they need to guess the correct answer. The more riddles you hear, the easier it will be to guess, but you won’t move ahead as many spaces.

  • Length : 10-30 Min
  • Age : 14+
  • Players : 3-6
  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Party :
  • Shelf: Party :
  • Word :


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