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Taco vs. Burrito

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Description from the designer on BoardGameGeek.com:

Taco vs. Burito is a deliciously unpredictable card game where players compete to create the weirdest, wildest meal.

On your turn:
Draw one card and:

  • Add an ingredient card to a Taco/Burrito – or –
  • Add Tummy Aches to reduce the value of a meal -or-
  • Add a Hot Sauce Boss to double the value of a meal!\

– or –

Play an action card

But beware! The Health Inspector and Order Envy can ruin your meal.

Gameplay continues clockwise with players drawing and playing cards until the draw pile is gone. Once any one player is out of cards the game is instantly over and the player with the most points wins!

  • Length : 10-30 Min
  • Players : 2-4
  • Length : 30-45min
  • Age : 7+
  • Card / Small box :
  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Family :
  • Humor :
  • Shelf: Family :





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