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Thank you, and welcome, friend.

Your journey has officially begun. Your account is already setup and active. If you are at RPG make sure to let our staff know so you can reap your benefits right now.

If you are now one of our Bring RPG Home members, and subscribed to a membership that allows you to take games home, feel free to head back to the list of games now, find up to two games that you would like to bring home tonight, and go through the checkout process.

You will see a small charge for a few pennies, but this is only to protect the games and when they are returned you won’t see any charges on your card, even the pennies.

Remember to check out the subscribers only game catalog, which gives you access to all of our new games two months in advance of the general public.

Our team will automatically be notified and start getting your subscription games ready.

Welcome to the family, friend. We can’t wait to serve you.